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  • How to get in touch?
    You can contact the head office in caxias at +55 54 3218-7800​ or one of our representatives by clicking here > REPRESENTATIVES
  • Do you have assistance?
    We have technical assistance in several states of the country, get in touch and we can help you!
  • What forms of payment accepted?
    The accepted payment methods are: BNDS Card, PROGER, PIX, Contact us for more details.
  • How soon will I receive my machine?
    Delivery times may vary depending on your order and location.
  • Do you have a machine to apply eyelets?
    Yes, we do, but we always need to know the size or reference of the eyelet you are going to use. Get in touch, we'll be happy to help.
  • Machine to apply eyes with washer to sneakers, shorts or sweatshirts, do you have them?
    Yes, we do, but we always need to know the size or reference of the eyelet you are going to use, remembering that the washer must have a guide. Contact.
  • I need a machine to apply pressure button to tip-top...
    we do have this machine, you can buy a couple of machines or a machine plus an additional feeder.
  • Machine to apply flexible button, sizes 17.20 mm, do you have this machine?
    Yes, we have the model MR22 automatic machine that meets this application need.
  • Machine only with the automatic aluminum nail, where you place the rivet or the manual button, does Pipe Variani Metalurgica produce? what would be the model?
    yes, MR21 machine meets this requirement.
  • Do you have a machine for applying eyelets for visual communication and application on truck canvas?
    we have, the model for visual communication is the MR18, for truck canvas, contact us and let us know the size of the eyelets so we can indicate the correct machine for your need.
  • What models of Manual machines does Pipe Variani offer?
    The simplest model PM33, and we also have the knee model MR44.
  • Machine to assemble button, do you have it?
    yes, we have a machine to assemble a three-component button, cap, anvil and body, machine model is MUC3
  • And machine to assemble Zamak button?
    The model that meets this need Disk machine with 40 stamps for simultaneous assembly.
  • Do you work with special machines?
    Yes, we do work, with some aimed at our follow-up, so it's very important to get in touch with our team and share photos or videos of what you really need.
  • Do matrices accompany manual or semi-automatic machines?
    not included, sold separately
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